Men at Work - Men's Training Class Material

Training men to serve in the public worship service and do a good job at it is crucial.  Trained men have confidence, enjoy leading in worship and see to it that worship is conducted in a way that is conducive to all worshiping God.  This four lesson course covers every aspect of public worship.  Lesson 1 deals with prayer, announcements, and reading Scripture.  Lesson 2 discusses the Lord's Supper and leading singing.  Lessons 3-4 deal with public speaking and give the students an opportunity to speak.

Includes four masters for overheads to supplement the class.

Handout workbook for the class is 14 pages easily photocopied on regular copy paper (8.5 x 11 inches) to make an attractive course notebook.

Includes over 17 pages of detailed teaching notes in outline form discussing scriptural requirements in worship, how to conduct a training class for maximum effect and much more.  

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